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In The Cold of Winter There's Spring That Waits To Be


Holy Communion 8:30 &
Traditional 10:30
“the Living Room”@ 9:17

Wesley Brings People Together!

Baptism, Confirmation, Wedding, Anniversary, and Births all bring people together. As its role in the community has always been, the church is where we celebrate the milestones of transitions in our lives.  The church is where we solidify the values of our community: love, forgiveness, kindness, right-living, and goodness. We bring people together for this purpose: to know they are loved by God and they are called to live in love with one another. The church is where we learn how and experience putting these values into practice.

What’s Going On

Creed: What Christians Believe

The Apostle's Creed has been at the heart of the church's worship liturgy for centuries. So what did it mean when it was first written by the Church and what does it mean for us today? If you've asked the question, "What do we believe?" you'll want to hear Pastor...

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Fat Tuesday & Ash Wednesday

We're planning a fantastic celebration for Fat Tuesday, February 28th, at 6:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall featuring a  menu from South Louisiana with Fried Shrimp, Etoufee, Mother Wisdom's Chicken/Sausage Gumbo, and Jambalaya. We promise to make it mild so you can spice...

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Life Group Ministry

A successful ministry for providing community, learning, and faith development used by many churches over the last 30 years, takes the form of Small Groups. "Small" being the key word in that the size of these groups have a limit of 12 to 14 people. The groups meet...

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Women’s Bible Study

A women’s bible study entitled '"Entrusted" by Beth Moore will begin on Monday, February 20th,  at 9:30 a.m.. The study takes a six session look at the  New Testament book of 2 Timothy and is open to all women who are interested in learning as part of their faith...

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Christmas Worship Times

At 7:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Wesley continues its tradition of hosting for the community a Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship featuring the reading of the Gospel Birth Narratives, singing the traditional Christmas Carols, musical groups, Holy Communion, and candle...

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Children’s Christmas

On Sunday, December 11th, JAM (Jesus And Me) Choir presented their Christmas Musical during the 10:30 worship hour. You can watch the melodious story of Jesus' birth through many of our favorite carols. I own no prejudice when I say they sounded like angels. What else...

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Here are some things people want to know.

 If you have more questions, please, use the contact form.

How should I dress for Sunday worship?

Proper attire covers the whole range from those who like to wear traditional Sunday morning finery to blue jeans and in the summer months even shorts. What you wear to a movie theatre will work, just get here.

What about a nursery and what ages?

Children of all ages are welcome in worship and we even have a special part of the worship time just for kids. But if you are more comfortable not struggling with a wiggly baby or toddler we have a great nursery located directly across from the worship center. Ages are generally from birth to 4 years of age.

Is there an adult Sunday class for me?

Our Sunday morning classes for fellowship and learning range widely for all age groups, infants, children, youth, and adults. Our older members like to start at 9:15 but the under 50 group and those with kids tend to arrive around 9:30. All the classes are accessible from the main hallway that opens towards the large parking lot facing Highway 69. There will be someone at the door to greet you and help you find your place and that for your children. A complete  adult listing can be found here. We also offer a variety of short-term weekday classes.

What do United Methodist believe?

Wow! That’s a big question with a long answer. However, if you were to consider what all Christians hold to be self evident, Methodist teach those things. We affirm our trust in God, Jesus as the Christ, the work of God’s Spirit, the special place of the Bible in our lives, the need for prayer, the affirmation of God’s love and forgiveness, the power of God to help us live whole and complete lives in the present world, and hope for that life beyond this one.  If you want more, here is a longer explanation.

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Directions: I30 Travelers should take Exit 94 to Emory on Hwy 69 and turn south. Hwy 34 travelers should turn South on Hwy 69 after leaving downtown Greenville or before getting to downtown area if coming from the South.